A comprehensive car protections covers you for harms caused to your possess car which might extend from: scratches caused by another car amid a street mishap or your windshield getting broken or your car getting stolen. Other than harms, a comprehensive car protections makes a difference you cover harms/ wounds caused to a third-party. Here are a few occurrences:

  • Road Accidents
  • Theft, Fire
  • Vandalism, Falling Objects
  • Damage done to your car by animals or wildlife
  • Natural Disasters, Civil Disturbances

Having fair a third-party protections won't cover any of these damages/losses to your possess car. Hence, having a comprehensive protections cover could be a matter of comfort.

But Should I Upgrade?

  • Mechanical or on-road electrical breakdown
  • Common maturing, wear and tear
  • Harms caused by driving beneath the impact of opiates or liquor.
  • Damage caused by driving without a valid driving license
  • Loss damage outside areas mentioned in the policy document

Covered by Comprehensive Car Insurance?

  • Harm caused by common calamities
  • Fire, Vandalism
  • Theft, Harm to third party
  • Harm to your safety net provider car due to gracious unsettling influences like riots

Why Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Price wise, comprehensive covers are more economical and cost-effective than a third party one.

It saves you from a lot of stress in a tough situation, and also ensures you much-needed peace of mind.

Right from theft and fire,
to liability to third parties in
case of an accident.